Thursday, 24 February 2011

365 - 055

I took Big Monkey to the library on Monday. She had complained that she didn't have anything to read and that she was bored at the school run. We got out three books. Today she complained that she didn't have anything to read, we need to go to the library again she told me.

For a start we got a big box of my old children's book from the attic. They are all in German, that should slow her down a little.


  1. hey sweetie, why don't you write us a story...Mommy can post it on her blog...also we'd love to see your drawings, huggs , Auntie Pammi,

  2. Libraries are wonderful places to visit - glad you got to go!

  3. Sweet shot! Sorry, I haven't been back here, somehow you didn't make it into my reader?