Saturday, 26 February 2011

365 - 056 Well, it's been sunny...

for a minute or two...

Little Monkey is well prepared. Well, we can't complain it has been very mild recently but rarely any sunshine. We have flowers coming out now. Little Monkey always loves sunglasses, he also loves pink. So a combination of those two are the Best! He always, always wears them upside down. If I change them round he looks at me like I'm mad and adjusts his glasses again, upside down.

I recently got a new phone, an iphone. I had to promise and swear to never let the kids touch it, ever! But of course one of Little Monkeys greatest joys is it to take photos. So I let him use my big camera. He nearly dropped it. Luckily he is now tall enough that the strap held the camera safely without smashing into anything. Still, not sure that's what Daddy had in mind? Time to dig out some cheapo camera for him to use.
Little Monkey likes his furniture. Normally he likes to take a photo but at the same time he wants to see what happens in front. This explains why his pictures always have such a funky angle to them.