Tuesday, 1 February 2011

365 - 32

This is Little Monkey on his "mo'bike". He got this while we were on holiday in Germany last summer. We visited friends and their littlest girl had outgrown the push bike and very generously and bravely passed it on to Little Monkey. She was sad to see it go and was worried that she might need it again. She needn't have, ever since Little Monkey has treated it very well. He's ever so proud to own his mo'bike. He regularly visits it in its house when the weather is not good enough to use it outside. Why he calls it mo'bike we don't really know. Maybe because it reminds him of a motorbike but then he doesn't call motorbikes that. It might be just that particular little push bike's special name.
I know, I know it is inside but after the long cold winter Little Monkey had to make sure it is still alright and we had a good look in the kitchen. It then leaned in the hall for a few hours before moving back out into its regular home. We found out though that he has grown quite a bit since we last got it out and Daddy Monkey will have to raise the seat a little bit higher.

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