Friday, 4 February 2011

Little Monkey is a Big Monkey now

because he is "deeeee", yep,Little Monkey had his
third birthday today. With his Peppa Pig cake. That was really important to him. He announced three weeks ago that for his birthday he will have a Peppa Pig cake. In case you haven't heard of Peppa Pig, this is her on the right.
Can be seen on Five if you feel the need. I personally don't, but we have books of her adventures and now toys. Oh, and a cake of course and it is yummy but I don't think we will have that for much longer. So, Little Monkey had his birthday today, we took some fruit to his nursery to share with his little friends and they sang Happy Birthday to him. When I picked him up I asked him whether he looks forward to his celebrations. He told me, but I already had my birthday! He was pleasantly surprised that celebrating birthdays involves presents, cake and more singing. All of which he got.

He was so very excited he ripped several presents open then he had to sit down and take a long break to look at everything. Then, another manic present opening followed by another long break to relax.

But then, then he found the remote control car that Grandma had sent! What excitement! He drives like a little maniac. Daddy Monkey worried for the sitting room furniture and banned Little Monkey to the play room where he happily crashed into toys, boxes and the old shelf. I, in the meantime built a fire engine that transforms into a city. Happy times, happy times. Not one bad word passed my lips. I'm very proud of myself for that feat. There were about 63 nearly identical looking stickers to be placed... I shall post photos of that tomorrow. However, Big Monkey bought that particular present and two more for him from her pocket money. She paid it all in coins. Somehow I hadn't thought she would really spend all that money on her little brother so I didn't change it into bills. We spent a long time at the check out while the cashier counted nearly 30 pounds in various coins. Well, they won't run out of change for a long time. Still, I was rather proud of her for being so generous. Especially as Little Monkey owns a grand total of 1.50. Not helped by the fact that he posts every coin he finds in the gap between the wooden and tiled step in the hall. Both find rather a lot of coins between the sofa cushions. So if you ever visit us now you know where to search for money...

365 - 035

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  1. Yeah for generous siblings and patient parents :)