Friday, 18 February 2011

365 - 049

I normally collect techniques I find in various books and flying pieces of paper. This annoys me as I never can find anything. A while ago I started a book to collect all those techniques but never used it. When I took it out today I remembered why, the spiral binding is really bent and it was hard to open it. It annoyed me so much I took it out and replaced it with big book rings I had laying around. This made me really happy, so quick to do and now I have a wonderful book to use. Only need to remember it now...

I'm sure my cat sleeps more than any other cat, she only gets up to drink and eat and sometimes to check what's going on outside for a few minutes before finding another spot to sleep.


  1. One of my cats sleeps all day... but I think she roams the house all night, or sits next to be in bed staring at me LOL

  2. leave the technique book out - decorative and useful perhaps? Sleeping is important to cats I've noticed.