Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cars for Monkeys

The Monkey car had to go into the garage for an eternity, 10 days it was there! Not there was anything too mayor wrong with it but when it was at the regular service they found an error message in the sat-nav and were very insistent on changing this. Free and all. While the little voice in my head screamed, no, never change a running system, never change a running system... I agreed. And you know? I was right of course. After trying to quickly fix it in a day they had to take the car in and they gave me this:

as a replacement. Now I don't want to complain too much, it was a nice enough car, free... Brand new with that new car smell but it was a bit on the tiny side. The car seat eventually only got into the car by brute force giving it a good hard push. Yesterday, after fiddling with the Monkey car for 10 days and with the help of Audi Germany, the mechanics accepted defeat replaced the whole navigation unit and returned the Monkey car. Which made for two very happy Monkeys. Me and Big Monkey that is. Somehow the boys aren't nearly as excited about this as we were. So far the sat-nav works, but I'm cautious. We will see. Big Monkey is delighted that she has space for her legs again and she has her own door! I am delighted about the air suspension and the strong, strong engine.

Marvelous. Isn't it sparkling, they cleaned it so well you can see the neighbour's house reflected.

I met some friends for tea this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea after a brisk walk through the Autumn chill. Lovely.

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