Thursday, 20 October 2011

Monkeys live in trees...

 Big Monkey loves climbing in trees and these at the swimming pool are particularly inviting. The branches are just in the right spots for little legs to get far up. We have to make time every time we go swimming to climb the trees and have a run around. A few weeks ago, Big Monkey found a balloon with a note. That was very exciting, she thought. It was from a local school which sent them off to see how far they came. Well, not very far, I think that school is only a mile up the road from the pool.   The note asked for the finder to send back the little note to tell where it was found. As it is a race the finder of the furthest away balloon will receive a reward and a stamp. Somehow I don't think this will be us.
It reminded me of the wedding of a very good friend though who also sent off balloons to see how far they got. Hers got very far indeed, I had told friends of mine from far away to keep their eyes peeled in the sky. And would you believe it one of them made its way to Australia! And another made it at least to the southern part of the US. How cool is that? For some reason she suspected me to have something to do with it. I only told my friends to have a good look... Such good fun that was.

I have to say it's not as much fun to stand under the tree staring upwards. Even though Big Monkey is very sure footed. The branches really are well spaced and one can't climb too high before getting the head stuck between twigs. It does give my heart a little flutter. But monkeys do live in trees...

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  1. Monkeys do live in trees - and that does look like a nice tree :)