Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hipstamatic Friday - Dancing

A bit late but here it is:

They were dancing and jumping round to various cds. Little Monkey chooses them and puts them into a rather old player. It even has a cassette desk which amuses them both a lot. I don't think they believe me that this can also be used to play music. It's hard to explain because the last two tapes we owned were taken apart by a very Little Monkey who was very fascinated by the fact that he could pull the actual tape out and it was nearly never ending!

Here, I just found the photo of him taking the tape apart, he loved doing  it and it occupied him for ages, well at least five minutes, which was a lot back then... But it means I can't demonstrate how we recorded songs from the radio back in the "olden days" as Big Monkey calls them. Or generally how to use them. So they just push the buttons and open and close the deck a lot.

Mainly it's the cds which Little Monkey just shoves in with the result that most of them jump and squeak, doesn't stop them from enjoying themselves. We normally have to add the sound of rattles, bells and then the dance through the room madly.

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