Saturday, 22 October 2011

Feeding the stick insects

There they are pretending that they are sticks.

They forgot to hide their legs, so now these two look like dead stick insects. Silly girls. They fell off their twig so they pretended to be sticks so we don't eat them. So far we were never tempted...

Once they've realized that nobody eats them but that they will get food, they get really adventurous. There is always at least one who wants to go for a walk outside the cage when it is time to close up. 

They get brambles which they love and prefer to privet leaves and because I'm nice (and don't mind chopping down the brambles rather than the hedge that is the the fence in the front garden) I give them brambles. Which is painful, yesterday for some reason was particularly bad, my hands are now covered in cuts. Gloves that prevent brambles cuts are too clumsy to put a delicate water container into a cage. 

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