Thursday, 27 October 2011


Daddy Monkey and I had to go to Germany for a day to do exciting things like choosing wooden floors, lino tiles, rubber floors, ceramic tiles...

We drove past asparagus fields.

The wooden flooring company is in an old factory near Potsdam.

It looked very pretty. There was a nature reserve at the back for some kind of newts that are only local to this area.

Daddy Monkey has booked a nice car in form of a 3series BMW for us and was worried all during the flight that he would get a smaller one instead like the last few times. He was all prepared for driving another little Ford but alas it wasn't the case. We were lucky and got offered a very nice, shiny 6 series BMW cabrio. Not that we had any intention of opening the roof. Even though it got sunny around lunch time but it was proper October weather and temperatures.

Daddy Monkey was so very happy. He even got to drive it on the German Motorway.

It was very, very good to drive apparently and simply marvelous and he got to push lots and lots of buttons to adjust this and that and a lot of things you never knew that could be changed.

But we didn't fly all the way to drive nice German cars we came to look at nice German kitchens, which we did extensively.  Oh, the choices, what front, what colour, handles? And then all the accessories, oven in a drawer, oven with escalator? Black sink, white sink? Glass doors with big frame, small frame, metall frame... In the end our heads were spinning and that was even before we heard the price!

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  1. Looks lovely - but where is the green floor? See, I'm just not excited by cars with buttons...