Friday, 21 October 2011

The Eastman Dental Hospital

A couple of weeks ago I had to take Big Monkey to the hospital again to decide on how to remove the two teeth. The milk teeth move up into her gums and there aren't any second teeth yet to push them out or stop them. The dentists worry now that the two teeth disappear completely and that is not a good thing they told me. So they will have to come out, we have two appointments in December, one to fit a space holder for the second teeth to come in when they are ready and one a couple of weeks later for the teeth to be removed. Apparently it is not uncommon for this to happen but I worry of course. At least her teeth are all healthy they just do weird unexpected things. Big Monkey is not worried at all, she will have to miss one day at school and that's all she has picked on so far.


After we left we took goofy photos on my phone at the bus stop. Well, Big Monkey tried to look funny and I tried to get a decent picture. We nearly missed the bus for all the laughter. In the hectic to scramble all our bags, the saxophone, the coats into the bus I forgot to save the funniest photos of us. Not sure I should be upset or relieved about that, the only thing we can say was that they were really funny but we might have looked like loons.

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