Friday, 21 January 2011

365 - 021 "Toddler hide & seek"

ahh, today I found something better than laundry to photograph. Little Monkey hid in the cupboard and amidst lots of giggles he told me, "I in cu'bard". Hey, who needs verbs?
Anyhow, being in the cupboard reminded him to suggest we'd play hide & seek. He counted and I hid. My first attempt under the blanket in my bed was discovered way too early for my liking. Mainly I had to giggle about him asking me where I was hiding. I wasn't sure about the rules really. The moment he stopped counting and screamed, "'eady or no, I co'ing" he also started screaming "mummy, 'ere a' you". Now, do I say something then? And what do I do if he doesn't find me? Because after hiding for 10 minutes behind the bath tub in my bedroom (don't ask, it's a sore topic) I called out for him just to be told that he is now hiding. I wish I had hid in the bed then. Ah, well. Anyway he wasn't really hiding he was tearing the pillows, duvets and sheets off the bed to build a tower, with boat, plane and a kitchen...


  1. I have to ask about the bath in the bedroom I'm afraid.....


  2. Noooo don't ask about the bath in the bedroom.. :lol:

    Whoo - he's talking much more!