Wednesday, 26 January 2011

365* - 026 I spy: Ball

Ha! Who said I'm doomed about having a drawer for balls only? Look Kylie! The balls are all neatly in their drawer. And the pillows are all on the ... floor? With tools tucked under them?
That's because they are an airplane or maybe a train. Since we've been away Little Monkey has found his love for airplanes. The moment he comes downstairs or back from nursery the first thing he does is getting the pillows off the day bed and announce "I ma' airplane, big, BIIIG airplane!". Then we all have to go and sit on the cushion. Then he tells us to put the seat belt on and off we go. Where? That's not important. Important is only the airplane. The big airplane. Why there are now tools under the pillows, that I haven't found out. Daddy Monkey thinks this is now a train rather than a plane and the tools are the track. On the positive side the pillow train/plane is in the play room rather than the hall or the kitchen where everybody has to dance around it. I wonder whether this means that his airplane enthusiasm is waning?


  1. Love it when the kids are creative! You'll love these photos for years to come, huh? :)
    I found you on mommytography.

  2. Love the train/plane - I didn't say you were doomed because of the drawer full of balls, I said that you were doomed in relation to the horses needed room to roam ;-) Your little monkey sounds like a real character!

  3. AWE! Now that's a lot of balls!

  4. The little thumbnail by your name where you linked up to this particular assignement (of the blue sock'monkey' type animal) I love it! I don't know what it is, but it is so cute.