Sunday, 30 January 2011

365 - 030

Little Monkey was invited to a Birthday Party today. Big Monkey wanted to come too as she knows the little girl. She does like to take care of little ones. The parents of the little girl kindly allowed her to join in, gave her party food and even a goody bag.
The party was held at a Leisure Centre where they had transformed the gymnastics area into a toddler gym. The Monkeys had a blast, climbing on the equipment, balancing and jumping into a new version of a ball pond. Instead of balls it was filled with foam squares which apparently made it even harder to get out. I didn't try it out as the birthday girl's dad spent an extraordinary long time trying to scramble out again.
Little Monkey had an even better time when he realized that the puzzle cubes could be lined up to make a choo choo train and the hula hoops could be the steam and the steering wheel. He was really disappointed when it was time to eat cake! The fairy cakes had purple icing so his party world was soon in order again.

They were running around so much my little phone camera couldn't keep up and all the photos turned out blurry. I think that is proof that they enjoyed themselves.

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