Sunday, 23 January 2011

"To be" is not fo me

Little Monkey has finally understood the advantages of speech. In fact he talks without stopping, he hardly takes a breath! But while I said recently he isn't too keen on verbs that's not exactly true, he likes verbs he just doesn't like "to be". Maybe he likes to be efficient? Only one verb per sentence? It's all I 'appy!, I running!, I jumping!, I sleeping! He can't pronounce the "h" at the beginning of words so he sounds rather French. He has, however, stopped calling me Maman but he still likes animaux.

The daily photo
is Big Monkey's marble run she got for Christmas. By coicidence the photo includes a ball, well a marble which is today's I spy challenge on Mommytography. But I won't use this as I have a whole drawer for balls of all shapes and sizes that I started just last Friday when I tried to organize the Monkey's playroom. It's another attempt to restore organization, which doesn't stand a chance really. Little Monkey just can't bear having his train track out of sight and Big Monkey's Schleich horses need space to roam so my need for tidiness is doomed. Sometimes only shutting the door helps...


  1. The horses need space to roam - ha ha ha ha ha - you're doomed!!!

  2. What a sweetie! I remember when I worried that Seth would never talk.

    Someone PLEASE hand me the duct tape. Seriously, Seth never EVER shuts his mouth. If he's awake, that mouth is running. LOLOLOL! He's so funny too.

  3. Hey it's better that he's I'happy and I'm delighted to know that 'I'sleeping' is in there too. Shutting doors is always a good thing.

    Not sure if your order worked or not but I am feeling a bit better ;)