Monday, 24 January 2011

365 - 024 Quirks

While driving to the petrol station this morning I thought it's rather peculiar to drive all that way past several other petrol stations while keeping a close eye on the petrol gauge to that particular one. It's not because it is the closest (it isn't), or the cheapest (are there any cheap ones?) or because the attendant is always so friendly. He should really, I always rock up with a close to empty tank and well it's a big tank a very big tank actually but that's not it. No, it's because once, a long time ago I came across a filling station that ran dry while I used it, it sort of spluttered really horribly and then just stopped after only a few litres. And maybe it's because some are really hard to hold so the diesel runs in terribly slow. And the one I always drive to, it's really easy to use and well, I don't want to risk driving to another one and then stand there for hours while trying to fill nearly 100 litres of diesel into the tank. Slightly paranoid rather than quirky coming to think about it. Ah, well, any quirky habits you have?

1 comment:

  1. I WILL NOT fill up the car! I don't know how to use the nozzle thingy - I've tried but I can never get them to click on, so I have to stand there and hold the damned thing the whole time the car is filling - so I just leave it for Craig. Once, I got my cousin to do it and he tried to give me a lesson, Craig has tried too, it just doens't work for me. So I don't. I'm a damsel in distress when it comes to filling up the car, so I don't think you're quirky at all ;-)