Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Domestic Goddess 365 - 025

Remember that one? Nigella? Well, I had a domestic goddess moment last weekend. Not only did I cook a nice Sunday roast, not so unusual in itself but I used up all the left overs and made chicken soup
out of the chicken carcass. I even used the pumpkin and made another batch of soup from those left overs. On Monday morning I even used up the mango that came in the organic fruit & veggie box. I haven to confess I often don't use it because of that stone in the middle. How bad is that? We all like mangoes but I sure wish it came in a more convenient form like a banana. Which reminds me there weren't any in this week's box? No cabbage either, yay, that gives me a chance on using up the one that I still have in the fridge. But there was a nice big broccoli which surprisingly is the one vegetable every one in the family will eat. Even Little Monkey who at times eats nothing but pasta with butter and cheese will happily munch some broccoli trees. That and cucumber always gets eaten. As for Nigella, well I'm not too fond of her story book like recipes, I prefer this one by Jamie Oliver. Allegedly you can cook a two course meal in 30 minutes. Personally I haven't managed this because I can't chop anything as fast as a chef and I also can't leave all the pots waiting to be cleaned at the end. I have to rinse them at least a little. Oh and I can't mix the salad or the dough with my hands, yuk. Still, it's food the way we like it so I can't complain really.

edited to add:
That Mrs Wookie is a clever one. If you have a problem ask her, she knows everything. Really. I will fill up the sink next time, what a simple idea. Brilliant.
Also I need to say the 30 Minutes meal cook book is really good, I recommend it. The flaws are totally on my side. Did you know he brings his daughter to school sometimes? Not at my school but I've heard. And that's the only gossip I can tell.


  1. Can you fill your sink with hot soapy water and put the pans etc. in there to soak while you continue cooking? Means you are most of the way done. We like mango here and make hedgehogs out of each side.

  2. Not heard of that book - hope it helps!