Saturday, 29 January 2011

365 - 028

I didn't get round to post yesterday's photo. Just when I sat down to start up the computer my back started to hurt. Badly. So I laid down on the bathroom floor and praised underfloor heating. Luckily that helped a lot but by then I wasn't in the mood to type anymore. So here's yesterday's photo:

Little Monkey took a break in building big airplanes to water the pot plants outside. He tried to go on his tricycle first but as I refused to come outside to push him he had to find some alternative thing to do. In his opinion it was not too cold for me to come out. He thought me very unreasonable huddling up to he radiator. But neither did he want to use the tricycle that he can actually pedal on. Nor did he want to come inside. So we had to find the watering can. Now it's not particularly dry right now what with the recent rain and everything but it is one of his favourite activities. He was a lot more helpful when it came to cleaning the fish tank, he got his own little magnet to get the algae off the glass. He happily produced train tracks criss crossing. However, he lost the inside magnet a few times so the fish got a bit of a surprise when it floated past them. Each time they checked whether it could be eaten. It's all about food for these guys.
Big Monkey had a friend visiting, they too insisted that it wasn't as cold as I made out and spent the time singing and playing the harmonica for passing pedestrians.


  1. The first one is soooo LittleMonkey with the concentration, he's watering so carefully!

    The second shot made me laugh so enthusiastic :)