Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Feeling hot...

It's really hot here as you would expect. But somehow I've forgotten how hot it can be in January when you just fly far enough. I think it's weird, January is all about being cold... Well,normally. Now it's all about trying to find a cool spot, a cold drink, maybe some ice cream and avoiding poisonous trees (who came up with that?).

Monday we actually did some serious sight seeing, we visited Andromeda Botanical Gardens. Well, we wanted to have some lunch and that's where we ended up. The kids liked it here so we had a wander around afterwards.

This was really neat with lovely plants like the ones we normally only have indoors. Yes, palm trees too. Palm trees rock. ahem. Right, photos of pretty plants:

The Monkeys had a fab time and enjoyed walking around finding red signs that showed our route.

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