Monday, 12 March 2012

Chocolate Brownies 2

I've been after the perfect chocolate brownie recipe for a while now. Recently we made some from an American cookbook and we weren't terribly impressed by them. They were pale and the vague measurements drove us mad.

So this weekend we tried another recipe, this one has proper measurements and it's from the "Baked in America" cookbook, from a cafe in West London. I've never heard of them before but there are lots of interesting recipes in there. The Apple cake and the cinnamon bread were both from there. It's also written in a fun and easy way which always makes it more interesting. I like to hear the stories about where the recipe came from.

So these brownies are called Hepburns, apparently the actress made those. In any case the recipe had us in shock as it asked for nearly two packs of butter and over half a kilo of sugar. That was the point I decided to half the recipe. 

A good decision because even half the amount of ingredients gave us a big plate full of brownies. They are really good, made with cocoa powder rather than melted chocolate chips although the chocolate chips we added as well mostly melted too while in the oven. 

I'm quite pleased with them, they have a nice papery top, are chewy in the middle and have a good dark colour. But I'm not hundred percent sure they are the perfect ones as they are a tad bit fussy to make. I have another recipe lined up to compare.


  1. Hmm - gonna have any left on Thursday? Or I could help compare... all that traveling to yours will make a visitor hungry after all!

  2. I have a new recipe I'd share with you if you'd like. ;) I had to tweak an existing recipe to get the result I wanted...but it works and we all like it.