Sunday, 4 March 2012

Our week in review

Outside our window: Today rain and wind so not very nice but spring is on its way. There are snowdrops and crocuses out and best of all we spotted several daffodils in our garden.

From the kitchen: We tried a new recipe and made a cinnamon loaf, which turned out very well. We had a laugh at the recipe as it instructed very firmly to only once and once only pull the knife through the batter before it went into the oven to swirl the cinnamon sugar through.

In the learning room: I won't mention the maths, shall I? We worked hard on spelling this week and had to acknowledge Big Monkey's love for the letter "o". She likes to put it into every word sadly not every word needs on "o". The human body and its organs was this weeks science topic, we worked with an iPad app that we thought was generally quite good but for some reason it didn't let us place the liver unless it was the very last organ left. In art Big Monkey chose to learn about Claude Monet as she loved the feeling of the water lilies painting.

We've been creating: Layouts and cards and lots of drawings. I have finished a little cardigan, it's been done for a while now. The instructions were strange to say the least and the finished piece ended up with a wonky front. The positioning of the button sorted this though and now it looks like it always was meant to be like that.

It's also been Grandpa Monkey's birthday so we made him a present.

Favourite things: New toys, Daddy Monkey realised that the iPad was something good and has taken his back and because we used it a lot he had to get me a new one. I also got a set of new markers for free because I had a voucher which makes it doubly exciting.

Things we did: Little Monkey and Daddy Monkey went to Germany for the weekend to check on the building work on the new house. They also went swimming. In the meantime Big Monkey and I went to the cinema to finally watch Puss in Boots. We had waited so long we got to see it in the special kids performance for very little money.


  1. My monkeys are dying to see puss in boots, but we haven't managed that thus far. How was it?

  2. Sounds like everyone had a really good weekend!