Saturday, 10 March 2012

Our week in review

Outside our window:  Daffodils to brighten things up and lots of feathered friends. The goldfinches come regularly and there's been a new visitor who we couldn't identify as he disappeared as quickly as he arrived. We think it might have been a sparrow.

The silly squirrel entertains us with his attempts to get to the peanuts.

From the kitchen: Big Monkey made popcakes to take to her friend. In case you're wondering what that is, it's cupcakes with a little something inside. My attempts to add more vegetables to our diet progresses well, we have at least one day a week where we only eat vegetarian meals. However, offering all these vegetables doesn't necessarily mean that they are also eaten so this is an ongoing project. I did catch Little Monkey eating a few carrots the other day though, I didn't say anything but I noticed of course. We also had Jamie Oliver's 30 minute chicken tray which was lovely as always even though it wasn't really planned. We had a freezer scare so I thought we had to eat ice cream for a week but luckily we could sort this out. That would not bear well for the healthy eating attempts.

In the learning room: This week we made some more experiments, apart from the milk painting we also made bouncy balls. Or better said we tried to. It wasn't terribly successful, one ball turned out reasonable well but the others were soft and after a few feeble hops turned into little square marsh mallows.

We've been creating: Layouts and cards and crocheted heart bunting. The Monkeys made pipe cleaner flowers and baskets.

Things we did: The Monkeys went to the Transport museum and finished the whole trail and collected all the stamps. Big Monkey visited her bestest friend for a sleep over.

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  1. Lovely pages, shame the other balls didn't bounce very high but glad you had a good week!