Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Counterfeit kit lo #1

Finally I got around to use my newly created kit.

Little Monkey imagines a machine inside his tummy which serves tea, coffee, parcels, magazines and various things as needed. He started this on the weekend and ever since he asks us whether we need something. It's terribly sweet and he gets very excited when we ask him for extras like milk for the tea. He starts his service at 6.25 in the morning. Not so sweet that. But after I had my first "cup of tea" he normally whispers whether it's ok to play with Thomas the tank engine and that occupies him long enough for me to have another nap until it's get up time for real.

I added the little frame for the date and the cardstock but everything else is from my kit.

And it contains a number 4 so I also completed challenge #1 just by coincidence. The 4 is because Little Monkey is 4, that means he's a big boy.


  1. Yeah for completing challenges by coincidence :) Fun and very useful machine - I like it!

  2. Wonderful story behind the layout! Love it.

  3. Great snaps of the 4 year old - very "handsome" page - he might not like it if I said it was pretty.

  4. Great multi photo LO! Fun page!