Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hair cuts and power cuts

Little Monkey thought it was time to smarten up. I, of course, believe he was still terribly cute. Maybe that was the problem?

So we went to the hairdressers who has trains and balloons and sweets and is generally the kind everybody wants to go to if they just took adults too.

That's one very smart Little Monkey. Very cute.

That is now a very late Hipstamatic Friday. For a change I didn't forget to take the photos but then we had a power cut. One of the epic ones that last for hours where the house cools down and the fridge warms up. We have them quite often so at least we have torches and matches strategically placed. I spent several hours reading at candle light to wait for the grocery delivery who was late. They very rarely are so this was a very unfortunate coincidence. But we got a bottle of our favourite apple juice for free and a sample pack of spreadable butter. Well, I say sample pack, it's the regular size so we are sorted for butter until our move even if a butter emergency should arise... ah but someone mentioned willingness to share her perfect brownie recipe.... Thanks, I gladly take you up on this.

PS: the juicer thingy for the food processor did not get clean in the dishwasher. It got a one way ticket to the dump for in a couple of weeks time. (fortnightly bin collections have started don't mention it)

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