Thursday, 15 March 2012

Food processor tidy up

I have this cupboard full of stuff for the food processor. Pretty full!

Except half of the stuff belongs to a food processor that I've thrown out yonks ago. Why I have kept that I don't know but these bits are annoying. Are these people not proud of their stuff? Why couldn't they put their company logo on? So I spent a happy hour trying to fit super sharp cutting instruments onto a machine with a strong motor. At least if the knife doesn't fit on the machine the machine won't work. At least no motorized cutting is possible. Only handling induced one. Luckily not this time, phew.

And what is that?

Dirty, yes. That fits on the machine I still own. Cool. Yes, I do have the instruction manual. But no, why would I look into it? That would be way too boring.

Ah, see it's part of the citrus press. I always wondered how that all fits together. Now I want to squeeze some oranges. I don't have oranges, only a sad lonely grapefruit and some tiny mandarins. Next.

There's another riddle, what might that be? 

That's easy it's part of the juicer element. Now I want to juice something. At least that's not a problem, I have lots of apples and pears.


Two apples and a pear make not even a glass of juice. But the machine did a wild jiggle which was nice but totally useless as I had to hold it, fill the fruit in and squash it down. Slight issue as humans only come with two arms. The juice was nice but how am I supposed to clean the juicer bit? It's impossible, there's lots of mush stuck in the wee little gaps. I hope the dishwasher sorts it out. I don't think I'll do that again. That yield was way too small and the pears looked way too yummy to be tortured like that. Shall I throw that part out now or keep it in case pregnancy related brain freeze prevents me to remember that I didn't want to do juice any fruit ever again with this machine? I don't think it could cope with vegetables other than cucumber to be honest. The juicer lid is rather big and doesn't store well. 
Throw it out or keep it? 
What do you think?

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  1. I have to confess juicers always sound tempting until I start to think about the cleaning.