Saturday, 24 March 2012

Our week in review

Outside our window:

From the kitchen: I meant to take a photo every day but I somehow forget. However, I've come another step along my attempt to find the perfect brownie recipe. We made another batch, officially because we had guests but really we want to find the perfect brownie. And well, this is not it.

Way too pale, way too boring, simply meh. This doesn't mean that we still have any left, they lasted oh, about a day and a half. So they weren't disgusting or anything, just not the one for us.

Last weeks smoothie obviously hit some nerve as the Monkeys requested another one for today's breakfast, there was even talk about another green one. I didn't have any spinach anymore so we made a red smoothie.

I just chucked whatever red fruit I had into the blender added a banana and a some apple juice and tada, an even better smoothie then the last.

In the learning room: Same old, same old, multiplication, additions, subtractions, division you know the drill. It's getting progressively more difficult now. We also made a cleaning experiment with pennies.

We've been creating: I made a hanging heart for a swap for my yahoo group.

Things we did: Silly shadow photos.

Favourite things: I think my favourite things this week are electricity and internet. Sitting by candle light on one's own is only fun for so long. I'm sure Daddy Monkey found working without proper internet difficult too. Hurray for generous neighbours who gave us the password for her wifi.

Oh and it was Mother's Day last Sunday and I got a set of paints from Big Monkey is some very lovely spring like colours.

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  1. Love the shadow photos and what great colours Big Monkey chose!