Friday, 13 January 2012

Aldenham Country Park

This is a nice park fairly close to us. There is a playground for the little ones and sometimes there are treasures to be found. Little Monkey found a very nice big blue button last time we were there.

For the bigger ones is an adventure playground with lots of things to balance on.

Then there is a little farm with rare breeds to see and a little tractor to ride on.

They also have two enormous Shire horses which for some reason Big Monkey insists on calling ponies. First time she did this I looked into the goat pen thinking a couple of little Shetland ponies might hide among them. But no she indeed meant the Shire horses. I can only presume it is an exclamation of cuteness.

Then after all the fun things it's for the parents to drag little people on a walk around the water reservoir.

There is also a recreation of Winnie the Pooh's "100 Aker Wood", apparently one can visit the homes of Winnie and his friends that have been recreated by Disney. But I have to say we've never been there as we're not that big fans especially of the Disney variation.

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