Monday, 9 January 2012

Poor Big Monkey

Now I know this isn't a very nice sight, but it is a big thing in our life right now. Just before Christmas Big Monkey had to have two of her baby teeth removed. They were in the process of moving back into the gum and were close to disappear under the gum line. Big Monkey had to see the specialists at the Eastman Dental Hospital several times, had to have an X-ray. After nearly a year of observation and the fact that the second teeth were not to be seen yet the dentists decided that two on her right upper jaw had to be removed. In order to prevent the last tooth to move forward while waiting for the second teeth to emerge Big Monkey has to wear a space holder made of metal. Everything went well but her jaw and upper lip were naturally sore for a few days after. Now the monkey is getting used to the metal which unfortunately has the habit of trapping pieces of food which is very annoying and sometimes really hard to get out again. As soon as the second teeth make an appearance that construction will be removed.

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