Monday, 16 January 2012

A Birthday Party

We were invited to a 8th Birthday party of one of Big Monkey's friends. There was cupcake decorating.

And Daddy Monkey got to hold a little Baby Monkey Friend who clearly disapproves of the amount of coffee he consumes...

Little Monkey also decorated a cup cake, it was a bit more of delegation than hands on work but he ate it all by himself. We had to remove the orange glitter before I was allowed to take the photo as it tasted yucky and therefore should not be on the cup cake.

There was also a lady who did face paintings. Little Monkey chose to be a scary tiger.

And here is the Birthday Girl busy at work. The party was a Decopatch event, so the children were all hard at work decorating papier mache animals with pretty papers. Big Monkey made a very pretty elephant and Little Monkey took a while to be persuaded and then decorated a tortoise. I thought I had taken photos of their masterpieces but looks like I didn't so will have to do that later.


  1. Decopatch stuff is always fun, cupcakes too - so double the fun!

  2. I love Little Monkey's face painting!!! Reminds me of when we were first in Germany when Courtney was little! We went to Wal-Mart and there was a lady doing face painting for free. She did a tiger on one of the boys but a beautiful butterfly on Courtney's face.