Tuesday, 10 January 2012

London Aquarium

On one of our trips during the Christmas break we visited the London Aquarium. We really enjoyed it, except for Little Monkey who for some reason did not like the dark.

There are real sharks!

After the aquarium we walked down the Southbank to the Tate Modern. Which is dark too but for some reason Little Monkey didn't found it scary. Probably because it was too weird. Two chairs over each other, a pile of sunflower seeds with too much lead paint (even if made by Weiwei) didn't impress us at all. The actual rooms were very bright though so that's probably what Little Monkey liked. That and having to ask "what's that??". 

They did have biscuits and tea in the Cafe though. 

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  1. We like the aquarium, not so fond of the Tate - but do love walking down the south bank. One of my favourite parts of London.