Sunday, 29 January 2012

Making goo-slime

Thanks to Jen who shared a jar of borax with us we were able to make slime. First we needed glue, lots of glue but not the whole bottle so we had to measure it. Lucky that I kept that old measuring jug.

Then add water and stir to mix it all up nicely.

Colour is always a good thing and you can never go wrong with green.

Stir some more.

Then it's time to add the borax to the mixture. It turns into slime pretty quickly so it's good to be careful here.  Very exciting. At first it's a bit gloopy and not so nice but kneading turns it into good glibbery goo-slime.

Once it's ready you can pull it and squash it and scare Daddy.

A bit of a dance never harmed the progress of any science experiment.

The cookie cutters proved very successful, they turned the slime into tubes. They managed to drop little slime balls down the chute, it took a while for them to break the slime so we could watch it rolling down which was hillarious. Hand prints - always good.

A more detailed instruction can be found here at two posh lil' divas. Watch out for the bouncy balls coming soon...


  1. Awesome! My kids added to much borax which turned it into a tougher substance. We tried glow-in-the dark wich came out perfectly but didn't glow as the kids wanted different colors other than neon green. :) We will have to re-do!