Thursday, 19 January 2012

Meeting more friends

Big Monkey and I went to see Missus Wookie this afternoon to do some scrapbooking. We has so much fun I forgot to take a photo of us. We created quite a few things so it was a successful day. I thought I had deserved it as before that I had to go to for blood tests. Again. The hospital is close to Paddington Station and even I walked down this road many times before I never noticed the big lettering on this house;

Princess was surprised to hear of my little visitor last week. She had tried to entice goldfinches into their garden for a while with no success and gave up as the food got all moldy instead of being eaten. I thought she might now start to put some niger seeds out again but she thinks in her part of London there are simply no goldfinches. hmm, I'm only a 10 minutes walk up the road...

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