Monday, 23 January 2012

The Party invitation

So here is my master piece: 

Little Monkey still loves Peppa Pig so he will get a Peppa Pig themed party. Therefore we also needed piggy shaped invitations. I think she turned out well, Little Monkey certainly loved it, he hopped in excitement. He is telling everybody now about his Peppa Party. Big Monkey is equally excited and has prepared a list of games to play like pin the glasses onto Daddy Pig, a treasure hunt to find Polly Parrot, pass the parcel, musical dinosaurs and what's the time Grandpa Pig. She's decided that the cake has to be chocolate, I'm thinking cupcakes. I'm sure we'll find a compromise, no rule that says we can't have more than one variety. But we agreed that we need Peppa Pig decorations and party bags, obviously. So a trip to the big toy shop is in order and we need to find a place that will blow up our balloons properly now that the local card shop has closed its doors.