Saturday, 21 January 2012

Our week in review

Outside our window: This week it was mostly grey and dull with lots of rain, the only bright spot an orange balloon that got tangled in that cherry tree. However, the first snow drop has made an appearance and the purple sprouting broccoli looks like it might this year actually sprout. The birds were extra hungry this week and we had to refill their feeders by Wednesday already.

From the kitchen: This week Big Monkey cooked omelettes for us. She did a really good job only a few mishaps with egg shell in the batter but that was easily rectified and she commented that this was the best omlette she had ever tasted. Monday: Tomato risotto which turned out especially lovely this time. Must be the homemade stock from Sunday's roast chicken I used. Tuesday: Kartoffelgulasch, childhood comfort, yum. Wednesday: Chicken Stroganoff. Thursday: Little Monkey announced in the morning that he needed, yes needed chips and he also asked for fish so we had fishfingers and chips with carrots and as a desert a lovely chocolate mousse. Friday: cauliflower macaroni, stewed plums with vanilla ice cream as desert.

In the learning room: Maths, maths and some more maths, well every day a little bit. Big Monkey doesn't make mistakes but she is a bit slow so we're working on this. We've started the Romans, the toys the children played with and what everybody wore. We also made a fabulous experiment about calcium and created a soft shelled egg. The egg felt exactly like one of these rubber bouncy eggs one can buy in the toy shop. Amazing. We also talked about measurements and weighed various things and measured the length of tables, chairs and Monkeys.

We've been creating: Big Monkey drew a self portrait trying to keep in mind the proportions of the human body. She still finds it hard to comprehend on how long the arms actually are. Little Monkey created a lovely collage of nature things he glued onto cardstock. I finished my postcards for a swap and also made quite a few layouts and little drawings. Not to forget the all important invitations for Little Monkey's 4th Birthday bash. As we only invite four friends it was easy to make them myself.

Favourite things: My scrapbooking kit for January arrived one early morning, I didn't expect it this week so that was a very nice surprise. So lovely being able to have some new things to play with. Other nice mail was the big box that arrived from the company that makes plastic worlds, you know the one. It contains Little Monkey's birthday presents. I'll be looking forward to see his face when he sees his wished for dust cart. I found my Grandma's little needle point brooch and wore that most of the week. Big Monkey really liked it too and was wondering how her Great-Grandma could stitch such tiny stitches.

Things we did: Big Monkey was looking forward to see her friend for a sleep over she could hardly sleep in excitement on Thursday. Sadly though at 10 at night the little girl missed her Daddy too much and we had to do a late night dash to drop her off. Little Monkey had a little friend over for lunch and waited half an hour at the door worrying he might not come. 


  1. The egg thing sounds cool!! We've been learning the names of clouds in science.

    Which kit do you subscribe too again? I keep forgetting. LOL

  2. Are you going to go the Museum of London to see the Roman stuff? If you do I'll come along :)