Friday, 12 March 2010


Today I finished an art journal I made to document December and Christmas. I made the book all by myself with Fabriano watercolour paper pages and a quilted soft fabric cover. The fabric squares don't add up on the front and on the back only because of some clever ironing. But the front, well no amount of ironing would solve a difference like that. Still I'm really happy with the book, I'm particularly fond of the star quilted on. The inside pages are painted or with collages and I used prompts to write something every day. Of course towards the end of the year I thought it appropriate to write down New Years resolutions and a little account of the year, achievements and milestones things like that. Oh, this is hard I thought, nothing really major happened this year... No big firsts really. I started to write some general things, thinking there were not many first words from the little monkey, he still doesn't say much, he's better in running, jumping around and he has done that for what? must be years, right? Months? That's right he took his first steps last February... I think this qualifies as a milestone! I can't believe it's only been that short a time. But this was a powerful reminder to keep on writing down what has happened and to take lots of photos. I started well this year to take a photo every day but lately there have been a few days I missed to take a picture... I took this a few days back and it really makes me smile, not the best photo in terms of focus like many of my pictures. But they are very much how life is round here. Considering also that I take many of my photos with a little mobile phone camera on a moving subject in bad lighting they don't out half bad.

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