Thursday, 25 March 2010

Outside adventures and one inside...

As usual we took our chance with the weather and walked to the park. Again. No lorries, no police this time but ducks and deer and a few tractors. We got duck food for the swans and ducks and a few lucky pigeons... They were so happy we couldn't get rid off them. Little monkey shooed and stomped his little foot for all his might and still they didn't fly away. We also visited the deer in their enclosure. There were some men in tractors on the other end which scared them and a monkey. So they all cowered on this end of the cage watching the men making noise.

Once big monkey came home from school the monkeys started to blow bubbles.

All those bubbles drew my attention from the fact that little monkey had filled the toilet with a whole roll of paper. Various monkeys, visiting and resident, used it afterwards which resulted in an unsightly flood. Something I didn't notice because I had to take pictures of monkeys being cute and looking innocent. Ah, well a nice surprise for daddy monkey to discover. For some reason he wasn't that pleased?

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