Monday, 1 March 2010

Sunshine at last

Lovely sunshine today, all day. Little monkey and I decided to head to the park, rattle the gates a bit. What's the fascination of that? He's obsessed. Gate open, squeeze through, gate close, gate open, squeeze through, gate close, gate open... Repeat and repeat. Then repeat some more. It only stoppen when I dragged him to the slide where he now has managed to climb up the wooden ladder with the chain. He doesn't use the chain but climbs up confidently like the little monkey that he is. We were very impressed.

Why is it that toddlers take such a long time to walk anywhere? I know it's all about the experience but all the other little ones are sitting happily in their buggies while mine jumps into every puddle, tries to eat bark, leaves and twigs and visits every front garden. He wants to balance on garden walls, at least today we found a lovely tree trunk to stand on

What a shiny car. Not mine, mine is always in the need of a clean. Well, we made it home eventually, only took about 40 minutes instead of 15...

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