Thursday, 18 March 2010

Is it wise?

To give the little monkey more monkey juice? He still calls it mon-ee and he gets awfully excited when he spots the box perched on the top shelf in the utility room. He hops up and down and points to try and get his wish. So after a week of no-more-drinks-that-come-in-a-box I gave in. No, turning up side down, I told him, no filling of shoes or other things. I'm watching. It's a good thing it only takes him five minutes to finish this. I stared at him for the whole time, I think I hardly even blinked to make sure not a drop got astray. For a change everything went well with that, although I suspect the little monkey did not enjoy this smoothie as much as the times he managed to distribute it everywhere.
Big monkey is off on a school trip today to the National Portrait Gallery to see paintings by the painter who sticks everything on the wrong places - otherwise also called Pablo Picasso. They have learned about him this term and made sculptures and paintings themselves. Although it has to be said, that big monkey wasn't the most adventurous as the only thing she did was to draw the school logo upside down on her portrait of her friend.

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