Saturday, 6 March 2010

More about the hairbands

This is big monkey's hairband turned the other way. I've made some fabric yoyo's to customize them. The yoyo's can be stuck onto a bobby pin and slided onto the hairband. Maybe I make some felt flowers next, I also found a lovely tutorial to make fabric flowers. But I'm running out of fabric, due to my lack of sewing skills I've only ever bought cheap remnants. I've inherited a few pieces from my Mum but I've used all the lovely ones and now all that's left are the drab and solemn pieces. Not really suitable for little monkeys. I think a trip to a fabric store is in order, I have some more things planned that I'd like to sew.
Here are the other two hairbands I made with the fabric yoyo's laying on top. The little rose on the pink hairband was made by a friend in a swap. Looks like it was made for it, doesn't it.

Of course big monkey can't pose for a serious photo for too long. Back to monkeying around.

Oh and the daffodil? That's still bright yellow without a hint of green veins. I might try that some other time again once the daffodils are out in our garden.

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