Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day yesterday. Considering how excited big monkey was about this she let me sleep in for a long time. She had written me a lovely poem in a frame and she did it all by herself, she even made the wrapping paper. The only thing she didn't make was the ribbon. She informed me of that a week ago. I also got a necklace, clearly this was a mistake. It should have gone to somebody entirely different... Little monkey loved the necklace and insisted it was his. Shame it didn't fit over his head! How could such a lovely necklace not be for him? After a little persuasion I managed to grab it from him and put it on so big monkey and I could admire my new necklace for a while. Here he is still furiously pointing at his neck and calling mine, mine to draw our attention to our obvious mistake...
On another note, big monkey is still all for monkeying around for the camera. This is her interpretation of a cute smile.


  1. And what a cute smile it is! Happy mothers day!

  2. Yep - cute smile from a cutie monkey.

    Can I just say how appropriate that even little monkey's t-shirt is looking shocked at the mistake??? :lol: