Friday, 5 March 2010

more from the Daffodils and a Hairband

The daffodil has now completely opened. Last night a friend told me that if you add food colouring to the water the daffodil will get coloured veins. Sounds fun so I put some green food colour in, which was the only one I had in the cupboards. Then another friend came to look what I was doing there and said, oh, yes we did that at school too. Right, at least it will be fun for big monkey I thought. Except she came in a minute later to say, oh, yes we did that in school... So, I'm the only one who never coloured daffodils? In any case it didn't work. I put the colouring in last night and today it's still lovely and yellow without a hint of a different colour. I feel slightly cheated I have to say, I was looking forward to a funky looking daffodil.

Recently I've started to sew a few simple things like tooth fairy pillows and cuffs. One thing I also made were headbands, now that big monkeys hair is only just about long enough to put it into a ponytail it doesn't stay that way very long. So when I came across this tutorial for a headband I thought that looks easy enough. And it was, even I understood the directions. Apart from a few dizzy moments on my part it came together really quickly and big monkey was rather pleased with it, too. It's reversible which I'm rather proud of. I made some more because monkey cousin will come for a visit soon and she will most certainly need a hairband too.

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  1. Give it a couple of days - then you'll have a better chance to see colours. Easiest to see in white flowers of course but then it wouldn't be a daffodil :)

    Nice to see your blog!