Thursday, 11 March 2010

Party for monkeys

Big monkey has been invited to a party. It was one of her friends little brother's 4th Birthday. His mum very kindly invited the little monkey too. As the party was at a soft play centre this was very much appreciated. For some reason he realized where we were the moment we entered the car park. He's never been there but he got all excited - the promise of brightly coloured equipment and running around crazily penetrating the air? Within minutes we climbed around well, like monkeys in a tree. Thing is, he's a bit too small for that and I'm a bit too tall for it and would he go in the under 5s area? No, of course not. Especially not once he spotted big monkey running up and down with her friends. Then he wanted to follow her. She graciously took him with her for a minute or two but quickly had to go off on her own to higher up levels. Luckily after a while we found the pipes to squash balls in. Not before we had to go through the slide that gave us a little electric hit every time we crossed a bolt, of course. I have no idea what happens to those balls once they leave the pipes at the top of the structure. Probably hit some unexpecting kid, who knows. In any case I liked that feature. Because it had a bench for mummy to sit on not because it hits somebody I hasten to add!It took some persuasion to get little monkey away from that. Cupcakes are a good argument but can you be sure until you actually hold them? Not really but there really were cupcakes so it turned out all well. Cupcakes make for happy monkeys. He managed to hold still while eating that cupcake. For a moment he actually stopped dancing on the chair. Ah, the power of a sugary treat... As a side note, after all the birthday presents he received he now knows perfectly well what a wrapped up parcel means. Yes, toys! He would have loved to help the birthday boy to open them all but for some reason mummy monkey said no...

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  1. How nice that your little monkey was invited to join in the fun. He does look happy!