Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What to do on a rainy afternoon...

Ask your mummy for an orange. Or anything that's hard to peel and takes a while to get ready. Then when she turns her back quickly grab a piece of paper out of her filing box. Close the box. Then run and post the paper through the letter box out into the front garden. Quickly go back and grab another paper and post it too. Repeat until she notices. Then smile sweetly and ask for the orange. While she goes to collect all the papers filling up the entrance grab her mobile phone. Then make some phone calls to some exotic far away place with an enormously long number and a name that nobody can pronounce. That is if you can get past the keypad lock but keep on trying at some point the phone has to give in. If all fails and you have to surrender the phone go outside and play in the pouring rain until you get soaked and need lots of cuddles and a cake to warm up again. Or how about playing hide the loo roll? However, the chances of success with this game are greatly diminished if you caused a blockage and an out call of the plumber after you played that wonderful game only last week.
Wishing you the best of fun
Little monkey

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