Wednesday, 8 June 2011

365 - 158 more from the water saga

After Monday's midnight emergency work on the water pipe we're left with a big hole in front of our garden gate.

Apparently they will be finished by today. But so far I haven't seen any workers who look like they want to close up that hole. I don't mind as much as long as we have water. But I do worry a little that I might reverse into one of the barriers when I turn the car around.
Meanwhile the work on the bathrooms progresses reasonably and the plumber had to turn off the water again. But looks like we soon will have an en-suite bathroom again. It's been nearly a year. Oh and the bathtub? The bathtub is in the bathroom and not in the bedroom anymore. Yay. Instead there are now building materials in front of the fireplace. Pah. Soon... First let's hope that we still will have running water in the evening.


  1. Hope it continues to progress.... not even going for smoothly!

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