Monday, 20 June 2011

365 - 170 Funny...

... how grumpy it makes me feel to drive a different car.

Now what is she complaining about you're asking seeing it's a nice Mercedes. It's not the car, it's a perfectly good and lovely car. It's just not mine. My snack bag isn't there or my music and the parking permit and it just feels plain weird. Mainly because it's low and my car isn't and I feel like I'm dragging my behind on the road. Everything else is so much higher. Weird... Just weird. But at least Daddy Monkey has learned that the best station on the radio is Kiss FM. So I don't feel the lack of my music as harshly any more and Daddy Monkey doesn't have to complain that I have changed everything including the radio. By the time I arrived back home I normally am quite happy driving it but still, I'm glad that tomorrow I'm back in my car. Big Monkey prefers that too. Not my music, strangely she prefers the radio. Wonder why that is?

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  1. Yep, funny. But also complete;y understandable...