Saturday, 11 June 2011

365 - 161 Fire

I like how this worked out after all that water...

Little Monkey and I were able to visit the local fire station with a local parents group. He went from absolutely totally hyper excited to absolutely totally not wanting to go within minutes several times. He told me the whole way there he didn't want to go in the tunnel. It took me a while to figure out he meant the pole. Which in the end he loved and he went down several times.
But the fire engines were of course his favourite, even though I had to sit with him at first but then he went in the back happily and put on the helmet.

He struggled with the weight, apparently it was so heavy his knee hurt. After that the fire fighters decided to drive the engine into the yard and show off the siren. Oh, dear, Little Monkey didn't like the noise. He covered his ears and screamed until they turned it off. As a result he didn't dare go any closer to anybody and have a go on the water hose which the others used to spray the fire tower.

Nah, not sure... but he was very excited when he came home and told Daddy and Big Monkey everything in great detail. Including the fact that one of the fire engines had to leave for an emergency.

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