Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Zentangle beads

I'm having problems with my browsers. One doesn't so photos the other doesn't do posting. So this is just a test. But a pretty one. I made zentangle beads out of friendly plastic for a swap. Now they aren't perfect or even that good but I'm still pleased with them. Until now I've only managed to produce rubbish with Friendly plastic.

Last swap the recipient has been very gracious and accepted the swap anyway with some advice. This time I hope my swappee likes what she gets. They are very sparkly and colourful. Fingers crossed she likes them. However, I believe I shouldn't NOT sign up for anymore swaps that include Friendly plastic. To be fair though this was a mystery swap and I didn't know that would come.


  1. I think those are fabulous!! Although...I haven't a clue what Friendly Plastic is. ;)

  2. Shrinky-dinks in the US :)

    Pretty - hope your swapee likes 'em.