Sunday, 26 June 2011

365 - 176 Summer Fridge disaster

Today was really hot and sunny. Really hot but still no reason I thought for the fridge to behave like a freezer and freeze half of the food in there. If you didn't know this before, salad should not be frozen. Neither should mayo, cucumbers and a host of other things. Daddy Monkey had to go and buy some more meat for the BBQ because the chicken drumsticks didn't look very appetizing. It might have been frozen but neither as fast nor as cold as in a proper freezer. To say I am not very happy with my fridge right now is an understatement. Especially when I discovered the exploded milk bottle hidden behind the frozen bag of rocket. At least the bottle didn't break the frozen milk only lifted the foil lid, ran down the glass and formed a memorable sculpture and connected itself to the jam jar (frozen of course too). Inside the bottle: a lovely big milk ice cube. Yum!

Here a lovely frozen cabbage, not good for freezing like this.

Other than an impromptu fridge cleaning session we had a relaxing day with the Monkeys running amok with the water hose.

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