Sunday, 19 June 2011

365 - 169

For today's Father's Day we drove to St Albans to have lunch at the Waffle House. Daddy Monkey chose this as his treat. As always it was really full but it's always worth it. Afterwards we went to pick some strawberries. Why is it that the moment you arrive at your destination after spending a stupid amount of time waiting at a temporary traffic light with lovely sunshine. The very moment you step out of the car it starts pouring, not a little drizzle no a big, strong downpour? Why? Why is that. So like we hadn't spent enough time in the car, we spent some more time in the car to wait out the rain. At least it didn't take long and we could go and pick strawberries. We went to a farm we hadn't been before and it was a whole lot bigger than we expected and of course the plants closest to the entrance had already been picked empty. When it started to rain we nearly turned around again but we soldered on, Little Monkey with the little box for putting the picked strawberries in on his head.

The furthest field, of course, had lovely strawberries and lots of them.

Here is Daddy Monkey with the painting that Big Monkey made for him.


  1. Lovely painting and ooooh delicious looking strawberries. As for the rain - no idea sorry!

  2. Love the strawberries lined up!

  3. Love the strawberry shot! Sorry about the rain!