Wednesday, 29 June 2011

365 - 178 Pink is gone...

Finally blogger has let me upload pictures again, the past two days it didn't want me to. So I'm a bit behind.

Big Monkey has decided she doesn't like pink anymore. At all. So we've started a de-pink-ification process. I started by painting the former pink peg board green and blue. I also changed the colours for her board for keeping hair clips. She has decided to grow her hair again so hopefully the clips and its holder will see a lot more use again.

I'm pleased that she has chosen different colours for her room. I don't mind pink but I prefer other colours a lot more. I always hated to go into shops when she was smaller with all the girls clothes all pink and sparkly with no choice of any other colour. Not even white. Thankfully that has changed now a little bit, there are other colours but still a lot of pink. I often bought some boy's jumpers for her or jeans but generally boys clothes tend to be very drab and ugly here.

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